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    The Well in Action (TWA) is a non-political and not-for-profit Ethiopian Charity Organization. It started working in Ethiopia in 2005..

    TWA provides practical and structured support to local communities, enabling them to achieve sustainable development in all aspects of their lives: the provision of fresh-water to communities and schools; improved hygiene and sanitation in homes and public spaces; and more productive farming practices using ground water potential (irrigation agriculture) that can boost and sustain local livelihoods.

    Our approach is guided by a close partnership and sensitivity to the needs of the community we serve. All our projects are overseen and carried out by local qualified staffs who liaise closely with target communities and stakeholders. Our projects are designed in an integrated way to bring tangible and measurable benefits to beneficiary communities.


    TWA envisions Ethiopia where vulnerable people, who are created by God, have their God-given potential is fully unlocked and realized, their lives are holistically transformed (spiritually, mentally and physically), and they can live a decent and fulfilled life.

    Our vision emanates from the fundamental belief that all people are created by God, have God-given potential, which may be fully unlocked, and have the right to lead a decent life. We are called to serve the needy people, so they may overcome all the barriers to life that is decent and free of poverty through holistic change, transformation and development.


    TWA will be addressing 1,000,000 needy peoples to help them get out of poverty and contribute to fulfilled life by 2023.



    TWA, through cooperation and partnerships with relevant development actors and stakeholders, works with vulnerable and underserved communities in Ethiopia to implement holistic and transformational development programs that would bring about for them sustainable changes and development outcomes.

    Core Values

    TWA’s values are present in the core of its existence, and are the base of the construction and management of its organizational culture. The organization ensures that these values are present both in its internal operation and in the activities its carries out. TWA not only abides by, stands for and promotes its core values. TWA’s core values are:
    ■ Integrity
    ■ Transparency
    ■ Quality
    ■ Excellence
    ■ Efficiency
    ■ Commitment to Serve
    ■ Stewardship and Trustworthiness

    Program Priorities

    To reach its goal by the end of its Strategic Plan of five years, The Well in Action will prioritize five program areas of strategic choices, which are the following:
    1. WASH: The Right to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) : Only 28% population have access to improved water and sanitation facilities and Over 28 million people still practicing open defecation.
    2. Food Security & Livelihood
    3. Youth employment and women economic strengthening
    4. Education
    5. Emergency response

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    Mr. SomeBody

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