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    The Well in Action (TWA) has been working in Ethiopia for the past 13 years. The organization has been established by a couple (Mr. Henk Yansen and Henny Yansen) in The Netherlands with the name ‘The Well Foundation’. Originally it was established as a foreign based charity organization. The Well got its current name The Well in Action on 2016 and changed its establishment from foreign based organization to Ethiopian Resident charity Organization. TWA provides practical and structured support to local communities, enabling them to achieve sustainable development in all aspects of their lives: from the provision of fresh-water to communities and schools; to improved hygiene and sanitation in homes and public spaces; to more productive farming practices using ground water potential (irrigation agriculture) that boost and sustain local livelihood. Our approach is guided by a close partnership and sensitivity to the needs of the community we serve. All our projects are overseen and carried out by local qualified staffs who liaise closely with their target communities. The projects are designed in an integrated way to bring tangible and measurable benefits to the communities. 

    TWA is aiming at creating an enabling environment to its beneficiaries to develop their full potential.

    We promote integrity and self reliance in all we do; we encourage innovation using proven methods to meet challenges of deprivation and poverty.

    Envision strengthened and improved living condition of poor and deprived rural communities and urban unemployed people of Rural and urban areas of Ethiopia through the introduction of marketable and diversified agricultural production, and increased productivity in safe and protected environment by engagement of motivated change agent rural and urban entrepreneurs.

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    Address: Addis Ababa; Gerji Mebrat area (next to All Mart Supermarket);

     Mag International Building Floor 3 Office No. 314 Tel: 0118932114

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