Model Farmer case story


Zafu Aregahey spent six months training at one of our FTCs learning husbandry of egg-laying hens. This included housing, hygiene and nutrition methods. The young mother of two had no previous experience, but now Zafu is running her own farm with a flock of 100 birds, producing 500 eggs per week. She is planning to expand over the next year, and employs two other persons.

We helped the set-up by providing livestock and feed, and veterinary care. We selected it as a pilot project, using a Dutch hen breed, Isa Brown. Zafu’s farm yields twice as many eggs compared with indigenous fowl.

By boosting supply of locally produced eggs that helps stabilise market prices and reduces dependence on long-distance sources. Zafu is just one of several egg famers that we have helped establish. Thanks to thriving enterprise, there are more interested individuals ready to start up. This is of course welcome news for many families gaining incomes and self-sufficiency. It is also a boon for the communities from having more local fresh produce available.