Water Source of Life 

    The Well in action is bringing clean drinking-water to remote communities in Ethiopia by installing wells and modern hand-pumps. Each of our wells supports the daily needs of 50-150 of households. Having safe water for drinking and washing, the children and their families are much less prone to debilitating waterborne diseases, such as malaria and typhoid. The children can enjoy education and relatively carefree childhood. Their families are also able to be self-sufficient and participate more fully in economic development.

    TWA is running several other projects in Ethiopia concerned with agricultural production and community development.


    The Well in Action has been working in Ethiopia for 13 years and has won more than 11 awards from local and state authorities for rural and community development. We are a Ethiopian Resident non-governmental organization employing local, qualified field staff who liaise with communities on their specific needs.

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    Address: Addis Ababa; Gerji Mebrat area (next to All Mart Supermarket);

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