Our Work in Ethiopia

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    The Well in Action has been working in Ethiopia for 13 years and has won more than 11 awards from local and state authorities for rural and community development. We are a Ethiopian Resident non-governmental organization employing local, qualified field staff who liaise with communities on their specific needs.

    Our primary focus is provision of drinking-water and public sanitation to schools and communities; Agricultural development and agribusiness projects; and Food Security and emergency Response and Disaster Risk Reduction projects.  We also have a wide range of other related projects underway in Ethiopia, including Income Generation Projects through Self Help Group Approach; Drilling of Wells for irrigation and Horticultural Development projects.

      Our other Projects

    TWA is running several other projects in Ethiopia concerned with agricultural production and community development.


    Training of Farmers through Farmers Field School (FFS)

    We teach men and women farmers improved techniques of crop production; soil and pest management using organic methods; and animal breeding and husbandry using our model farmers. Farmers to farmers experience sharing and learning is the main focus to teach farmers at the farmer field.  Model Farms set up in the communities act as spurs for new farming practices and businesses.

     Support to launch specific agricultural sectors

    We help start-up producers, such as  poultry farmers or Horticulture development, with seed finance and field expertise.


    Empowering women

    By giving special support to women’s groups trying to set up family-run businesses in agriculture.



    We are applying our water-sourcing expertise to improve irrigation systems for farming communities. This is enhancing crop yields and expanding the variety of crops, helping to generate local businesses and self-sufficiency.



    We are planning to launch a fish-farm at Mydimu Lake, 15km from Shire. The lake covers more than six hectares and has been stocked with edible fish. We are organizing farming cooperative to manage the resource, as well as retail businesses for marketing. The venture will generate a new sector of employment and improve nutritional diet in the community.

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