Water and Sanitation Projects

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    Water Source of Life 

    The Well in action is bringing clean drinking-water to remote communities in Ethiopia by installing wells and modern hand-pumps. Each of our wells supports the daily needs of 50-150 of households. Having safe water for drinking and washing, the children and their families are much less prone to debilitating waterborne diseases, such as malaria and typhoid. The children can enjoy education and relatively carefree childhood. Their families are also able to be self-sufficient and participate more fully in economic development.

    Since we began our projects in northwest Ethiopia 13 years ago, The Well in Action (TWA) has installed dozens of modern wells in communities and schools. Each community becomes the proud owner of the new facility. We work with local authorities and communities to identify priority needs. As part of our installation of wells, the community takes responsibility for operation and maintenance. A people’s committee is set up to ensure that each household is distributed with its fair share of fresh-water

     Secure Water Supply

    Unlike traditional hand-dug wells, our installations bore much deeper into the rocky terrain, tapping into abundant natural reservoirs to provide untouched water all year round. The old hand dug wells are not hygienic. Moreover, the traditional wells become drained during the long dry seasons. The families would then have to walk long distances to source water from rivers, which again put them at risk of diseases; this practice is also very time-consuming and arduous. However, TWA’s modern installations are securing daily safe water for households and relieving them of ill-health, diseases and hardship.

    Public Sanitation

    In addition to wells in communities and schools, we install public toilets with hand-washing and shower facilities. This provides a vital barrier to spread of diseases and affords good public health.


    One of the public sanitation facilities installed by The Well In Action (TWA)

    As with the drinking-water wells, the communities take ownership of the new sanitation facilities. Our local qualified staff instruct on good hygiene practice and maintenance. But it is communities who ultimately oversee the running of utilities.


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